water well Permits

Fillable Permit Application.pdf

E. Well Registration Required:

1. The Well Owner or Well Driller shall:

a. Register the well in accordance with rules promulgated by the District. All new wells, except leachate wells, monitoring wells, and dewatering wells, must be registered by the well owner, well operator, or water well driller before it is drilled. The District Staff will review the registration and make a preliminary determination on whether the well meets the exclusions and exceptions provided in Rule 10.5. Providing the preliminary determination is ruled the well is excluded or exempt, the registrant may begin drilling immediately upon receiving the approved registration.

b. Pay a $100 deposit for each well registration. Each application for a well registration/water well drilling permit shall be accompanied by a $100 deposit which shall be accepted and deposited by the District. Said deposit shall be returned to the applicant by the District if (1) the application is denied;(2) if the application is granted, upon the receipt of a correctly completed driller’s log (TDLR Form 001WWD) of the well or the driller’s log is posted electronically to the GWCD Online Database, or (3) if said permit location is abandoned without having drilled or a “dry hole”, and the permit has been returned to the District Office and marked “abandoned” or “dry hole” by the applicant. In the event the above requirements are met within eight (8) months from the application date, the deposit will be refunded to the applicant. Failure to meet these requirements will result in the deposit becoming the property of the District.

c. Equip and maintain the well so as to conform to the District’s Rules and Water Well Driller’s Rules requiring installation of casing, pipe, and fittings to prevent the escape of groundwater from a groundwater reservoir to any reservoir not containing groundwater and to prevent the pollution of harmful alteration of the character of the water in any groundwater reservoir.

F. Well Log Required

The driller of an exempt well shall file with the District the well log required by Section 1901.251 Occupation Code.

G. Rule Enforcement:

It is violation of these rules for a well owner, well operator, or water well driller to drill any well unless the “well registration/application for a water well permit” has been previously filed with the District Staff.

H. Exemptions:

The permit requirements in Section 10 do not apply to: (1) windmills serving a well with a casing diameter of five inches nominal or less, (2) monitoring wells, (3) leachate wells, or (4) dewatering wells.

To request a well permit, please email Megan or call the office (806)872-9205 or use this: