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Groundwater Conservation Districts are political subdivisions created to protect aquifers and manage the use of groundwater. GCDs are granted authority in Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code to manage groundwater production through various methods, including well spacing and production limitations.

Groundwater Management Areas are designated be the Texas Water Development Board for regional planning purposes. GCDs within the GMA meet to jointly develop Desired Future Conditions (DFC) for the GMA Region.

Mesa UWCD belongs to the Llano Estacado Regional Water Planning Group.

The Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts is a 501(c)(3) association made up of more than 80 GCDs, provides outreach and education, and facilitates groundwater communication.

Accountability Metrics ensure statutory compliance and accountability on three levels: local, legislative & judiciary, and state agencies. View the current GCD Accountability Metrics here.